Here are just some of the services we can provide:
  • Driven precast concrete piling, specially adapted sections to suit loads applicable to your job site.  Northern piling offer the widest choice of sections in the current market ranging from 150mm to 400mm square in 50mm steps.
  • Steel tube and steel H section piles.  Our contacts within the industry allow us to source steel pipe piles in high grade steel at very competitive prices.  We offer sections from 140mm to 762mm diameter and single length piles can be driven in lengths up to 16m with specially adapted piling rigs
  • We would be very pleased to discuss the provision of value added services such as sustainable piling platforms and also follow on services such as design and build pile cap and groundbeam construction or pile cropping.  We aim to get your project out of the ground as quickly and safely as possible.
 Please get in touch with us for more details call us on  0141 814 5103.
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