Technical Information

Ground Risk Management
The Geology of the United Kingdom is unique in that the north of England, Scotland and most of Ireland is underlain by Glacial Till (Boulder Clay).  This material is highly variable in strength and comprises a mixture of low plasticity clays, sands and gravels in pockets or deep channels (fluvio-glacial) and large random boulders.  The parent rocks of the north are also variable in strength, type and topography.  This can lead to highly variable pile driving conditions and large differences in pile length.
In the south of the country the Geology is predominantly overconsolidated high plasticity clay of Eocene origin.  This material is layered and mostly isotropic leading to linear strength increases with depth and relatively consistent driving conditions for driven piles.
Northern piling specialise in management of drive conditions in the Glacial Soils of the north.  Our engineers have in-depth knowledge of local ground conditions throughout Scotland and Northern England.  This knowledge allows us to assess the ground risk on a project and look at managing the risk for our clients.  We are happy to discuss the removal of ground risk from your construction project by looking at lump sum pricing with risk on ground conditions.  We would be happy to discuss this with you informally, please contact us for advice at an early stage.
Ground Beam and Pile Cap Construction
Strategic partnerships within the construction industry allow us to offer this as part of our package on piling contracts, please contact us for more details on 0141 814 5103.
Sustainable Solutions
We work within the framework of BRE470 'Guidance on working platforms for tracked plant' and we can offer savings on platform construction using innovative techniques to assess your site ground conditions or to improve the existing surface.  We can provide platform designs for our works, contact us for more details on 0141 814 5103.
Driven piles are the most sustainable product within the piling industry.  we are able to source high grade steel pipe piles which are recycled oil well drilling casings.  These materials provide very cost effective and structurally strong foundations.  
We would be glad to provide information on the carbon footprint of our products allowing you to assess the overall sustainability of your construction site.